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ETM Associates, Inc. (Enterprise Technology Management Associates, Inc.) was incorporated in Delaware in 2001. In 2012 the company changed its name and its focus. Instead of technology and strategic management consulting, as described by these web pages, the newly-named organization, HPL Consortium, Inc. is focused on developing technology tools and processes to help people and groups connect toward Health and Prosperity through Leadership. Check out our new website: and find out what's been happening lately.

   Writing Testimonials

"Chris originally impressed me with her teaching skills, and of all the many skills that she has, I believe her ability to explain complex subject matters may be her strongest suit."
Raymond J. Melcher, Chairman, President and CEO, Leesport Financial Corporation

"CJ does a great job breaking down complicated technical issues and explaining them in language that people can easily follow and understand."

"I look forward to your articles, and find them useful, helpful and interesting. Sometimes they're also entertaining. You articulate thoughtful and sometimes provocative positions in a well reasoned way."

John Moore, Managing Editor, Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal

"[CJ] is a very good writer. All the info is there, and her writing is a pleasure to read."
Kathy Melymuka, Features Editor, ComputerWorld

"Wonderful articles."
Doug Mewmaw, Director Of Education & Analysis, Midrange Performance Group

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