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ETM Associates, Inc. (Enterprise Technology Management Associates, Inc.) was incorporated in Delaware in 2001. In 2012 the company changed its name and its focus. Instead of technology and strategic management consulting, as described by these web pages, the newly-named organization, HPL Consortium, Inc. is focused on developing technology tools and processes to help people and groups connect toward Health and Prosperity through Leadership. Check out our new website: and find out what's been happening lately.

   Speaking Testimonials

"That was the best talk I have ever heard."
Ruth Daley, Member, UUFP

"[Your speech] was delightful. You are a very wise lady, and while I already knew that you were smart, adding "wise" to that, while not a surprise by any sense, is neat."

"You could be my commencement speaker any day. Indeed, had you been, I might have gotten things right a lot sooner than I did."

Fred Beste, Senior Partner, Mid-Atlantic Venture Fund

"She can read the audience, frame the message, exact a response. To give a specific example, she did a superb job on an Alumni day panel with Pete Musser (CEO of Safeguard Scientifics) and Austin Furst (CEO of Vestron) where the points she made came echoing back from the folks as we mingled at the reception later."
Jack Bradt, Founder & CEO (retired), SI Handling, Inc.

"Excellent, best I've attended in years."
Georgine McCool, Executive, Maier's Bakery

"Your talk was informative and spellbinding. Did you notice, one could have literally heard a pin drop. More, please."
D. M. Hamlin, retired

"CJ has a way of connecting with her audience and her enthusiasm is contagious. What an inspiring morning."
Carole Hovis, Board of Directors, UUFP

"Presenters were knowledgable and also engaging - CJ (Chris Rhoads speaking on IT) was the most engaging. The discussion/presentation on Technology Supporting Marketing reminded us the necessity of revising critical marketing concepts and the importance of using computer technology to help increase sales and our exposure. Good overview of the web as a marketing tool."
CEO Roundtable Attendees, Do or Die Marketing, Manufacturer Resource Center CEO Forum

"I wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed your lecture. Your topic "Smashing the Glass Ceiling To Bits" was very interesting and more importantly I loved your delivery. Your exemplary delivery held my interest and spoke of confidence and knowledge. It's amazing how many times we are exposed to a topic and sometimes it just doesn't sink in. We appreciate you!"
Barbara Adams, Entrepreneur, My Forever Green

"When CJ began her talk, people literally stopped in their tracks as they listened to her points."

"When someone says, "Should have been longer", you know CJ had their interest!"

"The interest in CJ's presentation was so high, in fact, that we plan to change the format of the event next year to provide a keynote opportunity for CJ at another major part of the event."

Mike McCarthy, VP, Foreign Trade, Technology, and Investors Forum, Berks County Chamber of Commerce

"I really enjoy listening to CJ. She is very knowledgeable and catered to the audience. The session was awesome!!"
Jackie McLaughlin, Nutrition Education, The Food Trust

"Chris is a well-versed individual with excellent presentations skills. She is able to communicate effectively across various disciplines and lines of management."
Brian O'Malley, Senior Vice President, First USA, Bank One

"CJ Rhoads did a great job. I would highly recommend her to others. She would be a useful speaker at any company - thanks for having her as a speaker."
Claire Fopeano, Corporate Library, Unisys Corporation

"Chris' passion for her work is clear both in one on one meetings, small groups, and even large assemblies. She presents information clearly, concisely, and with feeling."
Darren Lehman, Senior Vice President, First USA, Bank One

"Excellent! She was concerned about how you actually apply what you learn to your job. She customized her speech to fit our needs."
Germain Hoffman, Executive, Glen-Gery Corp.

"The information I received was excellent and helped me immensely in my new position. I would highly recommend your service to others. Thank You!"
Patty Calvaresi, Executive

"She is thorough, and makes things very clear & simple for you to understand."
Kevin Reimert, Owner, Heritage Antique Center

"We appreciate your taking the time to enhance the whole CEO experience for us. It's clear that everyone valued your knowledge, and you left them wishing for more. Everyone took away much useful information."
Walt Hoffert, Do or Die Marketing, Manufacturer Resource Center CEO Forum

"Her ability as a communicator is supreme. She is an excellent speaker and an engaging writer."
Jack Bradt, Founder & CEO (retired), SI Handling, Inc.

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