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ETM Associates, Inc. (Enterprise Technology Management Associates, Inc.) was incorporated in Delaware in 2001. In 2012 the company changed its name and its focus. Instead of technology and strategic management consulting, as described by these web pages, the newly-named organization, HPL Consortium, Inc. is focused on developing technology tools and processes to help people and groups connect toward Health and Prosperity through Leadership. Check out our new website: and find out what's been happening lately.

   Consulting Testimonials

"Because of CJ, we're having an excellent year. Revenue will be $1.1 million more than last year. Profit should be about $550,000 compared to a loss of $50,000 last year."

"We are now doing double the profit of our best year ever."

"We are doing really great - especially last month. More focus on fewer things really works better. I now know what the leading indicators are."

"I've grown as a leader. I'm calmer, less excitable about stuff. I have a better handle on how to pick the right people. We have a great team, a good compensation plan."

"I'd like to refer CJ to others, but I'm a bit reluctant because I wouldn't want to give my competitors too much advantage."

Andy Klee, CEO, Klee Associates, Inc.

"CJ's business expertise straddles large and small, startup and established."

"Her command of a variety of areas makes her uniquely qualified to tackle difficult challenges. She is more proficient than specialists in so many areas - including (but not limited to) leadership, technology decisionmaking, people management, educational approaches, business strategy, architectural design, project prioritization, and forecasting."

"She provides the kind of insight which you would normally find in a world renowned consultant, but she is much more responsive and closer to home."

"Whether CJ is teaching a course, starting a business, or providing high level consulting, she always demonstrates the characteristics of a consummate professional."

"Without reservation, I would highly recommend CJ Rhoads"

Jack Bradt, Founder & CEO (retired), SI Handling, Inc.

"Due to CJ's efforts, I was able to present to executive staff the need to improve the security in our networking. While it is difficult to assess an exact value on the recommendations, we have certainly saved at least four time the amount paid in the first eight months alone."

"CJ's recommendations on standardizing in many areas have been followed, allowing us to improve our ability to keep the systems (especially operating systems) current in versions and patching levels."

"In the last eight months, we have not had any major problems or system downtime from any of the sources [that previously caused problems]. We have saved a lot of staff time in cleaning up from these attacks, and been able to use that time proactively elsewhere."

"We will engage her services again - and highly recommend CJ to any organization in need of analytical consulting."

Lee S. Baker, Director of Information Technology, Drug Plastics & Glass Company, Inc.

"EMCOR Group, Inc. has engaged CJ Rhoads as a consultant on several occasions. In the last project, decisions had to be made as to whether to upgrade the legacy system prior to migration and conversion (or after). The recommendations that CJ made probably saved EMCOR over $200,000 due to her finding that we did not, in fact, need to move off the legacy system (regardless of what the vendor was telling us)."

"The project came in one month early and $100,000 under budget - due to her direct efforts."

Peter Baker, Director Applications, EMCOR Group, Inc.

"I'm continuously impressed with CJ's broad based entrepreneurial and business management experience in several business settings ranging from very small firms to larger companies."

"Chris is technologically extremely savvy, but she has a more managerial and strategic thought process than many "techies"."

Raymond J. Melcher, Chairman, President and CEO, Leesport Financial Corporation

"The benefits to our organization of CJ's contributions will be yielding dividends for years to come."
Virginia D. Ahrens, Chair of the Board of Directors, Pacem In Terris

"ETM Associates & CJ Rhoads takes each client to heart, no matter how big or small, and makes sure you are well taken care of."

"She personally met with us to discuss our needs, selected the proper equipment & software for our business, and designed the programs & databases needed."

"The system she designed runs smooth as silk and has exceeded our expectations, and with her tutorial, we've learned how to expand the system to grow with the changing times."

Kevin Reimert, Owner, Heritage Antique Center

"Excellent! Significant progress has been made to create new innovative ways to capture information and integrate technical and financial information."

"Tremendous progress has been made. Chris has worked effectively with members of the CTO sector, and has lead a team to successfully integrate the SDM process with the approval process."

"Chris has been instrumental in revising the Management Excellence packages and working on the executive information system."

"Many changes among the department and wider division have taken place in the way people utilize their PCs. Meeting minutes are now done with styles - saving hours each month. Requests are done in a database, saving hours each week. Changes have taken place in TACS, Personnel, CFO Admin, the Controllers office, and Taxation - Plans are moving along!"

"Chris has done a superior job supporting Resource Allocation Development and leading change. She is a solid professional."

Kevin Wren, Senior Executive Vice President, MBNA

"The quality of [CJ's] work as a consultant is so terrific that verbal acknowledgement does not do it justice. I hope this letter can go a little further in conveying my respect, appreciation, and gratitude."

"The technical nature of what CJ does is way beyond my powers of comprehension. What I do know is that she has solved every problem we've had, and given me a literal and emotional safety net."

"Our systems were devastated - it took days to make things right - and CJ did it all with relaxed good humor."

"CJ found a solution even though I wasn't in the habit of doing routine backups."

"Not only do we know that we can count on CJ in the future, but, thanks to the systems she has put in place, things can never get as bad as they did in the past."

"Each time, CJ has come through for us promptly, effectively, and with such grace that we are left to wonder how other people manage."

"I can only hope for the good fortune to keep working with CJ in the years to come."

"This was no easy matter… but after extensive research and experimentation, CJ devised an automatic system that works beautifully and [mercifully] without my help."

Jane Palmer, President, Jane Palmer Marketing

"CJ's attention to detail and vast knowledge in her field has helped me to better organize and take advantage of the power of our new system."

"CJ responds very quickly to my questions and problems by telephone, email, or personal visit. She has made my systems more efficient, and, in many cases, faster in their operation."

"CJ has the ability to go into a program or system in a manner tha no average user would even think of doing - never mind knowing how to do these procedures."

"I would strongly recommend CJ to any individual computer user or corporate entity."

Conrad Karlson, President, FilmCon

"It would have cost us much more to hire a consultant from McKinsey. Now we can maintain it ourselves and we get all the reporting we need, anytime we need it."
Sandy Sherman, Project Director, The Food Trust

"Chris brings the same level of high commitment and energy to all work that she touches, and through applying her technology background to the department business strategies, has been able to deliver innovative enhancements to processes, reporting, and information delivery."

"Chris provided the technology management expertise to partner with all the areas and successfully deliver IMPACT, the new Capital and Project tracking system."

"Chris has been the driving force in the successful approval of alignment of SDM with the project approval process."

"Chris was instrumental in facilitating completion of the Capital Budget and delivering a standard approach for project reviews."

Steve Kessler, Senior Vice President, MBNA

"Chris has been very generous in her assistance. Most appreciated is her passion and motivation. She is an asset to the team "
Mike Parry, Senior Vice President, First USA, Bank One

"[CJ gave us] help in getting the focus needed on the MVS project. It's been a long road and we are beginning to see the end in site. CJ has contributed greatly to getting issues identified and resolved."

"[CJ] has been the snowplow in the storm and has cleared the way to keep our project moving."

Susan Duerr, Managed Maintenance, First USA, Bank One

"Chris' energy is contagious and made her an invaluable asset to all areas."
Chuck Paolo, PCI, MBNA

"Chris has vision and direction. She listened to the goal, wrote out her thoughts, and designed a diagram representing the end result."

"Chris is one of the few who clearly understands the interrelationships between the various IS processes (project office, change management, problem management, work request, work order) and is working to build the links between and across these processes."

"Chris is very knowledgeable - she has the insightfulness and the ability to deal with processes and issues."

"Chris establishes good rapport with the team, involving all related parties and effectively communicating all changes and revisions to those affected."

"Chris works with everyone to ensure that the final solution will be an enterprise solution."

"Chris demonstrates a strong sense of urgency and does a great job of involving the right people in the project."

"Chris responds to every challenge with drive and determination. While managing the TRAX pilot, she committed to a very aggressive project plan and met all of the commitments despite several technical roadblocks."

"Chris accomplishes responsibilities with superior outcomes. She completes the task with great urgency."

Brian O'Malley, Senior Vice President, First USA, Bank One

"Chris is thorough in her preparations. She makes sure she gets quality input."

"Chris goes the extra mile to do a thorough job. She is extremely dependable, doing whatever it takes to get the job done."

Darren Lehman, Senior Vice President, First USA, Bank One

"Our wake-up call was losing data we thought was backed up-because our nightly back-ups weren't working. Now we know we can restore data even after a systems failure."
LouAnn Seyler, CEO, Hitchcock Enterprises

"Chris has been instrumental in the furthering of CIN - an online network for 2,800+ IT executives worldwide. She is a member of the CIN Board and often instructs members (other IT executives) in IT issues, serves as a strategy advisor and is often featured on the site as an expert in IT implementation. She hasworldwide respect for her IT perspective."
Vanessa DiMauro, Director of Internet Community Development

"Chris understood my frustrations - she developed a process to build and maintain useful distribution lists that assist with the communication throughout the organizations "
Diane Rogerson, MIS Analyst, First USA, Bank One

"I can really see how much sense this makes, but it is a lot to digest and put into practice. Thank you so much for turning me on to this excellent resource, and as you have with so many other things (directly and indirectly) so many times over the years on this Board."
Sue Montana, President, Habanero, Inc.

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