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ETM Associates, Inc. (Enterprise Technology Management Associates, Inc.) was incorporated in Delaware in 2001. In 2012 the company changed its name and its focus. Instead of technology and strategic management consulting, as described by these web pages, the newly-named organization, HPL Consortium, Inc. is focused on developing technology tools and processes to help people and groups connect toward Health and Prosperity through Leadership. Check out our new website: and find out what's been happening lately.

   Consulting Projects

Business Leaders rarely have all the information and time they need to make the best choices of people, processes, and systems for their companies. Furthermore, intelligent leaders don't always have the time necessary for keeping up to date with the optimum choices at any particular point in time.

Good leaders know that an outside objective opinion is often the most essential ingredient in making excellent decisions. By consulting experts who have become knowledgeable in their specific culture and business, senior leaders can make sure everyone on their staff is taking the right road without wasting time or losing focus.

Clients of ETM Associates are asked to commit to a long term relationship (often a year or more) so that the consultants can take the time necessary to learn the unique culture of the company and to fully understand all the factors involved in the goals of the organization. Additionally, ETM Associates, Inc. only takes on clients where the return on investment is clear and compelling, where they can bring measurable value to the bottom line.

In general, for clients seeking net profits as a goal, our clients generally get between three and ten times our fees in increased sales or decreased expenses to return money on the bottom line. For clients seeking improved quality or additional capability, our clients have been overwhelmingly satisfied with the work that we do for them.

Example Projects

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